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When everything ends...

When everything ends...

Anti-stress Anti-stress

Recommended Recommended

When everything ends the first thing I will do is ...


- Meet with all my Lovely People! All those whom I am so missing...

- Have lunch or dinner at my Favorite Restaurant! I'm not a very good chef at home...

- Buy me a New Pajamas! The one I have is having too much use ...

- And get a good Massage at Mayan Spas! With myself, with him, with her ... Why?


Because I need to Relax my Body and my Mind. We are having moments of new stress, moments that no one has ever experienced or could imagine, because of the uncertainty of the future, because of the loneliness we are feeling, because of the fear of the unknown ...

Because I need to Eliminate my Muscle Aches. Many hours of inactivity, hours on the sofa watching series and movies, in the dining room chair so uncomfortable teleworking, exercising following someone and without the comforts of a gym or adequate physical preparation, to strengthen blood circulation so needed...

Because I need to contribute to Nutrient Digestion and Toxin Elimination. Many comings and goings to the kitchen. Eating more often, with more quantity and less healthy. Those cookies or potatoes that are calling us so much ...


And above all to increase Natural Defenses. Because we need to be strong for all the viruses that have to come !!


I think we don't need more excuses than, BECAUSE I DESERVE IT! And even more with the prices with this 30% discount buying now and from home!


Promo Code: HOME30

Batuar Gastronomic Pack

Batuar Gastronomic Pack

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Bar & Restaurant, with a certain colonial flavor, sophisticated, discreet and elegant.


Discover the Batuar  Fashion Restaurant located in the Cotton House Hotel with the pleasure of a prestigious Relaxing Massage at Mayan Luxury Spa.


  • Batuar Menu and Massage to choose between Holistic Maya or deep 50' for 165€/p Or 80' for 220€/p

* Promotion valid only midday menu at Mayan Luxury Spa. Call to reserve once the purchase is made.

190.00€ > 165.00€
Mr Kao Gastronomic Pack

Mr Kao Gastronomic Pack

Mr. Kao is Barcelona’s first Dim Sum Club located in Claris Hotel & Spa 5* GL.


Now you have the opportunity to merge the pleasure of Chinese Gastronomy with a Relaxing Massage to reduce stress.


  • Menu Mr Kao and Massage to choose between Holistic Maya or deep 50 'for 165€/p or 80' for 220€/p.

* Promotion valid only midday menu at Mayan Secret Spa. Call to reserve once the purchase is made.

190.00€ > 165.00€